Gettin Inspired… Start Travelling

Gettin Inspired… Start Travelling


First things first.. Where do you want to go? If your new to this whole travelling the world thing or whether you just need a little inspiration this is a great place to start. Everytime I plan to go somewhere I follow these steps. 9/10  my mind runs away with me and I end up wanting to travel everywhere at that moment or I will end up going somewhere completely different or even adding extra places on this is just typical me hehe!


Starting your Travelling plans!

  • Okay so you have this great idea that you want to go travelling whether it’s for a couple of weeks or couple of months but you don’t know where to start? Well you have read the right blog. There is a lot of planning that needs to go into it. (don’t be scared your have the best time)


  • So I would start with what month you want to visit- maybe for a birthday or that you just want to get going ASAP. If you don’t have a particular month in mind maybe have a think about where you really want to visit is it Asia, Europe or Africa etc


  • Once you have got a place then find out when the best time to go is. You don’t want to visit in a hurricane season or a cold one with lots of rain.


  • Work out your budget how much you are wanting to spend on the whole trip if it comes to less that’s a bonus but you don’t want it to go over and spend a ridiculous amount of money.


  • After you have found out the weather and if it’s the best time to visit start thinking about the flights how much they will cost you if your just visiting one place or multiple I would recommend it has all the airlines that fly from where you are to where your going. if your going on a multi trip add in the stops you want. I use this for every flight I have got on change the days to make it cheaper etc.


  • Now you have your destinations, flight prices budget now the fun stuff.. start looking at what activities you want to do tours, top things to do in these places. I would then look to see if there are any festivals around this time as it is always great if you can catch a local festival. Write down all the activities and the prices of these.


  • My favourite is finding accommodation I use or  all the time when I book my accommodation I will always check out their own website before I book incase they have special offers or sometimes can be a little cheaper booking with the hotel direct you save all the tax fees that booking or expedia might add on after.


So there you go you have your basic planning on how to start your dream of travelling.

I do offer Itinerary’s for a small fee of 25 this includes:

  • Finding out when is best to visit
  • Finding you some ideas on activities and the price
  • Finding you suitable accommodation on your destinations.
  • Finding you cheap flights
  • Giving you a brief day to day plan

I have visited over 30 countries travelling from one place to another from a 5 month trip 2 month trip or 2/3 weeks so I can make your itinerary to find your time make it as busy as I can to as chilled out as you want it. If your wanting this just email me at with as much detail as possible I will send you an email back with some ideas!





  1. Bethany
    9th August 2019 / 4:26 pm

    I love how you have explained on where to start travelling I’ve just turned 18 and I want to travel with my best friend I had no idea where to start before I read this Thankyou so much.

    • Travel Stylista
      11th August 2019 / 1:29 pm

      Hi Bethany, Thankyou and I’m glad that you liked the read and that it has inspired you to plan your trip if you need anymore information feel free to email me at

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