Quirky Date Nights for Couples in Lockdown

Quirky Date Nights for Couples in Lockdown


Doing the same thing every night can get abit tedious especially with lockdown taking over all outside socializing aspects. Whether your in a new relationship or your too friends that have a chemistry  but not yet acted on anything or married, here are some great ideas to change up the evenings. It’s important to keep the romance and spontaneous side alight and there is no better feeling to show your partner how much you care about them. So here are my quirky date ideas for these nights you want to have a little fun plus these can be done outside of lockdown.

Create a restaurant date experience

One week you or your partner can cook a meal, set up the table in a romantic way, music playing and get dressed up and dine together. You can make it themed recreating your first date or your favourite restaurant. You can be as creative as you want and its a lot cheaper than actually being out for a meal and I think it’s a special memory you can create together the only dull thing is the dishes hehe.

Spa day/Night

Oil dripping on your golden skin neading out all them knots. This can get a little steamy!! Start the evening with a nice soapy bubble bath with some wine or if you fancy yourself a little more Champagne. Candles and nice romantic music with low lights. Let the stress of anything just melt away. Anyone that knows me knows I love my spas being relaxed and pampered what is not to love about that.

If your isolating together this is a lot easier but doesn’t mean that you can’t if you’re not together you will just have to adjust to your situation. To make it a spa feel get Alexa on playing spa music and get the incents burning turning the lights low. Engage in your senses and make it more romantic get the strawberries dipped in chocolate and the bubbles flowing this will make the sexual tension high.

Grab that fluffy robe and slippers and put a face mask on that’s your nice facial sipping on the cucumber and mint water hehe then the massage begins talk to your partner about the areas you want the to rub set a timer so that you don’t get short on the massage and then flip and massage your partner.

An outdoor/indoor picnic

It doesn’t matter if the weather is meh either as its just as fun to do it inside build yourself a fort with some fairy lights to create a magical picnic fort its something you can do without most cost. Picnics always make me think of when I was younger with my family my mums egg filled sandwiches that use to stink out the whole cooler hehe But if your not in to your mums homemade sandwiches make your own or a salad. Grab some snacks crisps, chocolate, sausage rolls and mini cocktail sausages  don’t forget some nice drink of juice or even try and add a summer touch with Pimms Add a gingham blanket, straw basket flowers and the plastic cutlery and plates to give a real summer feel to your picnic.

If your not isolating with your partner you can still recreate this Date idea with a virtual picnic both buy the same items so it can feel like your eating and drinking the same items together.

A night at the (home cinema)

Well I cant actually remember the last time I visited the cinema, but I use to enjoy the weekly trip with my friends and husband seeing the latest movies. So until we can do this again dim your lights grab the popcorn maybe make home made Nachos and get a massive glass of coke with a straw so you can let everyone know when you have finished haha. You can decided on the type of film you want to watch or what I have done sometimes is pick an actor/actress and then picked one of there film.. Grab your blanket and turn that speaker right up to get the sound effects going. I got this idea from the drive in cinema but not using the car but the fact you can watch a movie anywhere. make it more cosy make a fort.

Tick Tok challenges

To make your days/evening full of fun and laughter why not try and do Tik Tok challenges this will get you closer or will make you argue like hell haha but it can also be so much fun I know I have done my fair share of Tick Toks and I can spend hours looking for my next challenge.

Host a zoom party

All you need to do is gather friends or family together with zoom and your night can be yours. You can do themed evenings get everyone dress up or have a quiz night I often do this with my family as we all live in different places so we each think of 10 questions and then take it in turns and its funny when my mum has her go she always has some random questions that happened way before I was born so always makes me laugh.

Game night

Give your eyes a rest from being on your phone and lets go old school and bring out the inner child there are so many games you can play with your partner, classic like twister, guess who and loads of card games or you can play on your console and pay Mario cart or a racing car game try not to be too competitive like me hehe.

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my ideas on how you make lockdown a little better 🙂


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