A Travel guide to Tulum

Holla Tulum!

I’m Back from my trip to Mexico and I just wanna share some information on Tulum. It is  becoming more and more popular with tourist within the recent years and has sent Instagram into a crazy spin but Why? I found Tulum to have a bit of a chilled vibe similar to Bali. There is a lot to do in Tulum and you can easily spend a couple of days here exploring.

Where we stayed!

We stayed just outside of Tulum in Riveria Maya. In a 5*Luxury Resort called El Dorado Seaside Suites & Spa.

There is a blog post up about this hotel and I could sit here again and write about why it was so great but I would rather you check out the post 🙂 Tulum was not far to get to from our hotel about 20 minutes. instead of getting a taxi we decided to try the local shuttle bus and I can honestly say it wasn’t what I was expecting. I was thinking about chickens in cages and it smelling aweful but that totally was not the case. I didn’t actually see a chicken on the bus! so definitely  check out the locals bus its friendly and cheap and you get to speak to some locals which is nice too.


Top things to see and do!

Biking around Tulum

The best way to get around and see Tulum’s beauty is to hire a bike Lets face it its really fun too. The beaches in Tulum extend for miles and there are endless places to stop along the way. For food to clothes shops to simply relaxing on the beach.

Biking around Tulum We came across Orla Bike rental all the bikes came with cute baskets and in different colours. They charged around 160 pesos which is 6 GBP on current exchange rate. This was for a 24hr hire as well it comes with a bike lock and key. Make sure you take cash or card as there is a deposit of 500 pesos that you will get on return. Everywhere in Tulum there are places that you can leave your bike while you go and sip cocktails (wouldn’t recommend drink too many though lol )


Sipping a cocktail on the Beach:

Along the beach there are many different restaurants and bars. I decided to stop at Coco Beach as I had heard good things about it and I’m glad I did it was amazing we got welcomed straight away and took a place on the swings where we could enjoy the view of the beach. we ordered  some food while soaking up the sun, not forgetting the couple of mojitos too.


Tour Chichen Itza:

There is so much history to see here and I would totally recommend you visiting here plus its one of the seven wonders of the world. We took a day tour here as it was quite far away from our hotel. when we got inside we was able to explore around by ourselves which was nice. when you get in there you will come across a lot of market stalls if you want to take a souvenir home with you if not keep walking around and soak in all the history.I would say if you can go very early in the morning as around midday it can be very hot.

Visiting Tulum Ruin: 

The ruins are situated on a 12 meter cliff along the East coast of the peninsula and offers incredible turquoise waters. It is the only ruins built by the sea. So make sure you wear your swimsuit that day and visit the beach as is gorgeous but again try and go early as it can get very busy. Entrance fee to the Ruins is 60 peso each and you can be there as long as possible they do offer a tour guide for a cost if you would like to learn about the culture and how they are built. Don’t forget to take your camera as it is simply stunning place.

Dipping your toes in a Grand cenote:

There are a number of incredible cenotes located not far from Tulum, including the Gran cenote. This is a MUST and I would recommend getting here early if you want to get some nice shots with less people. The Gran cenote is one of the more popular Cenotes with its beautiful crystal clear and turquoise waters. Perfect for snorkeling or a swim. If you are visiting Chitzen Itza by yourself stop off here first as it is along the way.

How to get here- You can get to this cenotes via taxi or by bike if you decide to get a taxi it will be around 100 pesos (remember to agree prices before you get into the taxis) or if you want the exercise then biking is a 15- 20 min ride to Gran cenote you will pass the Cenote Calavera this is a smaller cenote along the way I didn’t visit this one but suppose to be nice.

How much does it cost- It cost 180 pesos each to enter the Gran Cenote we only visited this one as on this particular day as I wasn’t feeling well.  Before you enter the cenote you have to shower. You can hire a life jacket and snorkel gear if you want.


Travel tips!

Bring Pesos: Most places do not accept credit cards, so be sure to come with plenty of cash. While many places accept American dollars, you will most likely end up spending more that way. It’s best to have pesos so you can always pay the exact amount.

Be Cautious: While I never once felt unsafe, you should always have your guard up. We booked all of our taxis and excursions (including our car service to and from the airport) through Be Tulum so that we could be sure we were always getting a trustworthy price, and not being scammed. I recommend booking as much as you can through your hotel directly!

Pack Bug Spray: While Be Tulum gives complimentary mosquito spray to all of it’s guests, I can’t say the same for other hotels. We didn’t think to bring bug spray, and were SO thankful that our hotel provided it for us. You’ll need to put it on every day, especially at night.




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